All Classes and Interfaces

A bandwidth file contains information on relays' bandwidth capacities and is produced by bandwidth generators, previously known as bandwidth scanners.
Contains the bandwidth history of a relay or bridge.
Contains aggregated information about requests to the BridgeDB service.
Contains a sanitized bridge extra-info descriptor.
Contains a sanitized bridge network status document.
Contains a sanitized list of bridges together with the distribution pools they have been assigned to by the bridge distribution service BridgeDB.
Contains a sanitized bridge server descriptor.
Superinterface for any descriptor with access to generic information about the descriptor.
Descriptor source that synchronizes descriptors from the CollecTor service to a given local directory.
Thrown if raw descriptor contents cannot be parsed to one or more Descriptor instances, according to descriptor specifications.
Descriptor source that parses descriptors from raw descriptor contents.
Descriptor source that reads descriptors from local files and provides an iterator over parsed descriptors.
Factory for descriptor sources which in turn produce descriptors.
Contains a key certificate in the version 3 directory protocol.
Contains the signature of a network status consensus or vote.
Contains details about an authority and its vote that contributed to a consensus.
Contains an exit list containing the IP addresses of relays that the exit list service TorDNSEL found when exiting through them.
Exit list entry containing results from a single exit scan.
Contains a relay or sanitized bridge extra-info descriptor.
A GeoIP file contains information about the geographical (country code) and topological (autonomous system) location of an IP address.
Contains a log file.
Base interface for accessing log lines.
Enum for web server access log methods.
Contains a relay microdescriptor.
Contains an entry in a network status in the version 2 or 3 directory protocol or in a bridge network status.
Contains a signed directory in the version 1 directory protocol.
Contains a relay extra-info descriptor.
Contains a network status document in the version 2 directory protocol.
Contains a network status consensus in the version 3 directory protocol.
Contains a network status vote in the version 3 directory protocol.
Contains a relay server descriptor.
Contains a router status entry contained in a signed directory in the version 1 directory protocol.
Contains a relay or sanitized bridge server descriptor.
Contain aggregated information about snowflake proxies and snowflake clients.
Contains performance measurement results from making simple HTTP requests over the Tor network.
Contains a descriptor that could not be parsed.
Contains a sanitized web server access log file from a web server.
Facilitates access to all log line fields that don't only contain default values post sanitization.