Class DescriptorSourceFactory


public final class DescriptorSourceFactory extends Object
Factory for descriptor sources which in turn produce descriptors.

Descriptor sources are the only producers of classes implementing the Descriptor superinterface. There exist descriptor sources for obtaining remote descriptor data (DescriptorCollector) and descriptor sources for processing local descriptor data (DescriptorReader and DescriptorParser).

By default, this factory returns implementations from the library's own impl package. This may be overridden by setting Java properties, though most users will simply use the default implementations.

These properties can be used for setting the implementation:

  • descriptor.collector
  • descriptor.parser
  • descriptor.reader

Assuming the classpath contains the special implementation referenced, your application classes as well as a descriptor API jar the following is an example for using a different implementation of the descriptor downloader:

java -Ddescriptor.downloader=my.special.descriptorimpl.Downloader \